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Hi everyone, I am trying to build a store, on the website I am trying to add the feature which would ask customer 3-4 question that gives touch of personalization. After the questions are answered , i would like to redirect them to a product page. For example ,when i go to a insurace website , it would ask me couple question and redirect me to auto/home page based what I selected. Is there any apps that does it ? I am unable to find such. Any recommendation would be appreciated
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Could you provide further clarification on what you'd like to do? Specifically, I may have a solution if you plan on using the customer registration form as a place to collect the information and redirect from. Customer Fields was designed with customizable "if then" fields that can be used to redirect a customer to a specific product page depending on the selection. 
Again, if you're not planning on using the registration form to redirect the customers from, then you'd be looking for a something more like a simple questionnaire with redirect abilities.
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