App that displays WordPress blog on Shopify product pages

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I just migrated to Shopify and I have a well-indexed, well-ranking blog that is on my subdomain. For many reasons, I want to leave it right where it is rather than moving it to Shopify at this time. 

I currently have links under a tab that direct customers to blog posts that are helpful. I'd like to make that a little more robust. 

In the pursuit of saving a few coding steps for many products, is there currently an app that features the ability to generate a view of a wordpress blog featured image, snippet, and read more button based on blog ID that can be inserted into a product description field or metafield? I've seen apps for homepage blog feeds and ways to display products back on a wordpress blog but so far nothing like this. 

Thanks in advance for your assistance. 


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I am not sure about an existing app that can do this but I think it could be easily achieved with some theme customisation and metafields.

If you are interested, I can take a deeper look and provide you with a proposal.