App that lets you book without checkout, then after confirmation by the seller go to checkout

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Hey everyone,


Is there any shopify app that lets you book appointments, without the need of a checkout?

THEN after a confimation by the seller, the customer can receive a link for that confirmed appointment date, and now they can pay at the checkout?


Thank you in advance

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Appointo-Appointment Booking App can fulfil the above requirement. We have a feature called waitlist where clients can book the Appointment and store admin can approve the Appointment. Once approved you send the manual invoice to the client to pay for the Appointment or charge them at the time of Appointment.
Here is the link to the App :

Karan Bhagnani

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Hey Laszlo 👋 


BookThatApp has appointment widgets that have the option to bypass the checkout page. When enabled, your customers can book an appointment and have it created in the app automatically. The app also has other settings you can apply to prevent bookings within a specified window, you can add a lead time to prevent a booking from running close to the start time of an existing appointment and you have the option to set a lag time if you need some breathing room before the next appointment. 


In reference to your scenario, when a customer creates a booking, you will need to send them a draft order in Shopify. When the draft is created, you can add the order number to the booking that was created in the app. When the customer completes their payment, this is updated in the booking. 


If you are interested in learning more about the app and what it has to offer, please feel free to peruse their website:


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