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App to Analyze Clients base and Rate or Repurchases

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Hi there. 
Today we celebrate our first year with shopify as ecommerce platform.
I was going to analyze my customer base but I can't find an app or tool that let's me see what I want. 

Basically I would like a breakdown of how many times each customers has bought from us. 
For example: 

1st time buyers: 1000
2nd time buyers: 450 (45%)
3rd time buyers: 220 (22% and 45% from 2nd)
4th time buyers: 110 (11% and 50% from 3rd). 

So I can create customized campaigns for all of our customers. 

How can I see this ? I can't find any graphic or text app that lets me see this. In shopify I can't see it, I have to manually count them one by one. 

There is any app or tools that graphycally and numerically let me see this ? Thank you 

Thank you 

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Shopify Partner
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Hi @Emilstyle


You can easily do this use Shopify's customer segments under customers in Shopify admin:




Once you have the segments saved, you can use Shopify email to send these merchants campaigns based on segments in Shopify. Let me know if this helps answer your question.



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