App to charge rental deposit?

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I want to charge a fully-refundable deposit for wedding decor rentals.

Is there an app that manages this so the deposit is a separate amount not charged to the credit card unless the customers don't return the decor, or it's returned broken etc?

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Shopify only holds authorization for ~7 days. You should instead explore refunding the deposit especially since the thing about deposits is you should have them beyond a shadow of a doubt before commiting resources.

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Thanks Paul, good to know!

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Another thing you could do is get their credit card number on Stripe and charge them if the customers don't return the decor. There is no expiratation this way. 

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How do you "get their number on stripe" to be able to do this. It would be expensive to return the deposit each time with the fees shopify charges on orders. I'm using IzyRent if that helps. 


Shopify any help on this would be great. Rentals have been tricky for me to put together today and I have not found a good way to charge for a deposit without losing the fees every time. 

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hi @cyberchick 


We have an app that will allow you to charge the deposit. The downside is it is a full charge and not a hold. We have lots of customers using our app to charge the deposit. It adds as a separate product and then when the customer brings it back they refund that one item off their invoice.


Check it out:

If you do end up trying it out feel free to reach out to me