App to Duplicate a Collection?

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Hi all,

We often have the need to duplicate some of our main collections for promotions (private email sale with customized masthead/landing page, etc.). To date this has been largely by hand.

Does anyone know of a Shopify App to duplicate a collection, taking with it the products, positions (important - otherwise we have to merchandise by hand which takes a lot of time with a lot of products), etc.?

Any help is appreciated. If this is not something that currently exists (I've searched everywhere), then we would be open to working with a developer to implement.



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Hey Brain,

If you would prefer to build something yourself you could use the API to copy the collection, or create an app for use within the Admin. If you're liking that idea the API docs are a good place to start:

ShopifyFD (a thing I made) adds a duplicate button for collections but to be fair it's been a while since I last tested that feature out. I should probably do a test before I throw you head first down that path...

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Hi Jason,

Thanks for the reply. I've used ShopifyFD before but wasn't aware it had a duplicate collection functionality. I will give that a shot. Thanks for developing that BTW 😉 

As far as developing something (if that doesn't work), that would not be in our skill set, we would need the Dev community to get involved there. I have no idea how complicated something like that would be to develop. It's pretty important to us that it keeps the existing merchandising (which in our case are mainly manually sorted for visual merchandising purposes).


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Update: I gave the ShopifyFD a shot. It does indeed duplicate the collection, but changes the sorting back to the default "a to z" sorting. So not quite what we're looking to accomplish, but appreciate the reply just the same!

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Hey Brian, just wanted to let you know that we've now released our app. called Collection Manager into beta which does exactly what you're asking about (and a few other things as well). It will allow your to duplicate both custom and smart collections while maintaining the original manual sort order.

We'll be releasing more features into it over time but I think it will address your needs in the short term.

Please go ahead and give it a try:


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Does this allow you to copy collections from multiple storefronts?

Example, we have back-end collections creating a related colour/styles on the product page, This needs to be copied to our other storefronts, and is very time consuming making these collections for 3 storefronts.



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Hi Tyler,

Unfortunately the app does not currently support the copying of collections between shops but it is csomething we're working on.

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Hi Kris, thanks for making that app! It will be a given for me to get it soon.


Here is a suggestion for that app, that I think is easy to add and it would surprise me if there are not a lot of people missing this. 


It goes like this: 


We have collections where there are 200 products automatically imported because they fit any of 20 criteria (not all criteria). 


Now I want to make two new versions of this collection, one with only the womens products and one with the mens products. 


This would be so obvious and easily done if shopify as a standard had the possibility to add a second and third set of criteria that one can add that must match, so that products must first fit one of the first 20 criterias AND also there is a second set of criterias to build, just like the first one. A copy of it. Then in that second set, I would add "AND tag = womens" and in the other one "AND tag = mens".


Also the AND before the second criteria should be a choice that can also be replaced with "AND NOT" so that if I for example  want to exclude all cell phone cases from the clothing collection even though titles are similar, then for the third criteria set I would choose "AND NOT"  as in AND title does NOT contain samsung case AND title does NOT contain Iphone case.


There are ways around some of these things now, but they are manual and very, very time consuming and limited in comparison and it seems like madness for me that this is not standard for a serious platform like Shopify.


That is so fundamental that it should not even take a paid app I think. Could be added in the Shopify interface in less than 15 minutes by a basic programmer intern. 


Now that I took time to write this I will make a separate post about this too. Thanks for reading. 


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Hey, if you just want to duplicate a collection in your shopify store without apps, here's how you would do it:


- Create a new collection 

- Go to Products -> All Products and click "more filters", filter products by the original collection

- click the 'select all' check box


- click "more actions",  and "add to collection"

- then add it to your duplicate collection

- Dropps
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Thanks for this tip!

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Thanks! what if I want to give the collection a different layout, like an order form layout?