App to export custom CSV formats?

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Hello! Does anyone know of an app or service that lets you export orders in a very custom format?

Right now I'm working with a client using a fulfillment service that requires them to use a custom format: pipe delimited txt files. So instead of a common CSV with a row of labels along the top with data below it, they want a custom code followed by data to the right.

For example:
CN (their custom code for "customer name") | Smith | Jeff | 1212 Road St. | Chicago | IL | 60640

Here's the template they provided us (here)
And an example spreadsheet with fake data (here). 

I've done some research to see if any apps do this but haven't found anything. Are there any apps that let you create a custom template like this using Shopify's orders data? We've tried Data Export but it doesn't look possible. And neither does Exportify or anything else. Any help would be very appreciated!

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After you generate the custom csv file do you also need it to be sent to an ftp server or similar or are you manually uploading the newly generated csv files?

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This app would do it DataJet

Might need some custom task set up, just reach out to support, they will do that for you for free. 


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Good question! I assume the client would be manually uploading the resulting files to their fulfillment service manually. Or would at least be comfortable doing the FTP part of it on their own.