App to get over 100 variant limit, set price per variant and offer quantity discounts

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Dear all,

We sell t-shirts in a lot of different colours and sizes so needed to get over the 100 variant limit.  We also need to set different prices per variant as the larger sizes are more expensive.  Our customers are asking for quantity discounts so we need that too.

So we installed 'advanced production options' by mageworx and it works really well.  The UI is good, and enables us to set rules to hide variants that aren't available (i.e. some colours are not available in certain sizes), which is a bonus.

The problem I have is with the quantity discounts.  It seems that the apps that enable this, such as 'quantity price breaks by omega' only apply the discount to the the default shopify product price, not the variant prices we set up in advanced product options. 

Has anyone else had this issue?

I guess we need a quantity discount app that uses the prices/quantities in the checkout rather than the price set in the default shopify product?

I'd rather stick with the advanced product options app, but if there's another app, or combination of apps that does all of these things please let me know!

Many Thanks,


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Hi, have you tried contacting the app support? Maybe they could help.

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Thanks for the reply mate

Yes I did, they even have a separate app for quantity price breaks so I asked if it would apply discounts to the variant prices set by their other app.

but unfortunately they said it’s not possible..

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You can get quantity discounts using the Custom price calculator app. The app allows you to create a calculator based on a formula and you can add it to your products. For the discount feature, you can use the "Number input" element with the range enabled. You can also take help from their support team as they are super helpful.

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That sounds perfect!  I’ll check it out tomorrow.

Really appreciate you taking the time to reply.