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App to help with workflow?

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I am searching for an app that will combine orders and put out a workflow. We are a coffee company and I'd like to be able to come in every morning and run a report showing what we need to bag to fulfill orders that day. We could have say 20 orders from the day before - for coffee A, there might be 5 whole bean and 2 ground across 3 orders. I'd like to be able to run a report that combines those 3 orders and tells us that we need 5 whole bean and 2 ground of coffee A. I'm over-simplifying it, but hope this makes sense.

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Hi There - our Report Toaster app can help. It sounds like you need some combination of our Pick List report template and potentially a calculated field to accomplish this. Please feel free to install and then get in touch with support and we can get you setup. Thanks!