App to organize a specific delivery date and sync with my google/outlook calendar

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Hi, i'm new to shopify and planning to implement one capability. But i'm not sure whether there's an app that can support the capability that i'm looking for. 

So i'm planning to link my calendar with the delivery date. Everytime customer make a payment, they must choose the delivery or pickup date first before finalized the item. The date shown to customer must be match with the date that i'm setting in my google calendar. Is it possible to do this? 

Or any suggestion to workaround as long as the goal achieved. The reason why i need this linkage with calendar is i'm not available everyday in a week and will only delivery or arrange a pickup within specific date. 

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Hi there,

Steph here from Zapiet!

I believe our Zapiet - Pickup + Delivery app would be a good solution for this request since we offer a Google Calendar integration with our Advanced plan (and above)

You would be able to configure pickup and local delivery by locations, setting up schedules with a great amount of control for either or both. Then when your customers place their order, the order itself will be synchronized to a Google Calendar you configured 🙂

To ensure my suggestion is valid, I'll include the following link to our help article since it will show you in greater detail what it looks like and how it works!

And if you have any questions regarding our Google Calendar integration, or any other topic, feel free to reach out to our support team 🙂

Stephane Fattizzo - Zapiet 


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Hello @jun263,


Could you consider creating a Calendly for this purpose and you can easily arrange showing the form for selecting time slots on the checkout success step? It seems like the easiest workaround to give a try fast.


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