App to restrict products by state or require extra documents to be uploaded

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Hi, I sell ammunition and reloading components on my store. I need a way to restrict the sale of products in several ways: First, allow sales and shipment to fully approved states like Michigan where I don't need to do anything special to ship; Second, permit product reservation (but not purchase) for restricted states like California where ammo has to be sent to an FFL holder (and where I thus have to get the receiver's approval and FFL to keep on file); to prohibit sales and shipping of restricted products (ammo) to states like New York where I cannot do business without extra licensing.  I would also like to allow the customer to upload a pdf or jpg of the dealer's FFL certificate, or their Firearms Owners ID card (such as in Illinois.

My first attempt to make this work was to use shipping profiles, where I set up a shipping profile for ammo that was restrictive, and one for unrestricted products like scopes. Unfortunately that had the unintended side effect of causing customers who live in unrestricted states to be double charged for shipping if they bought both ammo and a scope.

Additional features that would be nice-to-haves would be shipping estimates based on zip code that the customer can get before fully punching in all their details; more granular control over 3rd party shipping options (like allow the customer to add signature and insurance to the shipping fees); ability to restrict products like ammo and batteries from being shipped via any air method or via USPS.

Anyone have any suggestions for apps that can provide some or all of these functions?

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