App to send my customers reminder emails about their friends' birthdays

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I am setting up a floristry website, I would like to find a way so that my customers could set birthday/anniversary reminders for their own friends so they do not forget to send flowers each year. 

I would think they would get an email a week before the birthday saying, you set a reminder for Mum's birthday next week, would you like to order flowers?

Is there an app that does this for Shopify using my customer database, I use Mailchimp to send out my newsletters.

Thank you!

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Hi @JoyousJess ,

I think you're looking for a very interesting feature. I don't know if it's possible. It would be possible once you have customers' data in hand. How about creating promotion email campaigns instead? You can send customers emails before the holidays. I'd recommend Thank you email marketing tool by Autoketing for email marketing. It has great features. Yet, cheap. Hope this helps. Cheers!


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It would be a great feature, but I haven't found an app like this. 

Will stick to blanket emails before seasonal events etc for now. 

Thank you anyway

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Just wondering if you got anywhere with this? Looking to do something similar with greetings cards on our site,



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Sadly not, would be great to have as a tool but there doesn't seem to be an app on the market that could do this. Will have to just stick to bulk newsletters before seasonal events etc.

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Hey all,

This should be possible by linking a few technologies together:

  1. Use the Customer Fields app to create a form with repeating group fields which would allow your customers to add as many birthdays/anniversaries as they want
  2. Use Zapier to trigger notifications (via Mailchimp, Gmail, SMS, etc.) to customers about each of the above dates

You might have to hire a Zapier Expert to get it set up properly, but once you have the data from customers it's definitely doable!

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I would like this too, if anyone develops an app for it - I'm keen.

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did you ever get a solution for this?

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Without going down the custom app route, these 2 apps are probably the closest we've found to solve this (with a bit of jiggery pokery on the wording side of things)