App Tutorial Issue: Build your user interface with Polaris

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I am new to Shopify App Development and new to Node.js + React. However, I have previous experience with programming (Python) and Web Dev.

Currently, I am following the "Build a Shopify App with Node and React Tutorial". Everything worked fine so far, but in Chapter 4 "Build your user interface with polaris" I am experiencing an 

error message. I followed the steps as described ( but after importing Polaris Styles and running "npm run dev" for testing,I receive the following error which results in an internal server error:


Do you have any ideas what causes this issue and how it could be mitigated?

My code is exactly the same as in the tutorial.

Help is very appreciated!



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The problem seems to be related to the built-in CSS support which is being deactivated by next.config.js.

Without require('@zeit/next-css') I do not get an error message. However, in another YouTube Tutorial of Shopify which also uses @zeit/next-css no such error occures and everything works.

I will go with the workaround of not using @zeit/next-css for now.