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App Uninstall Webhook Not Working to express Post API

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I have already spent several hours on this.

I have successfully registered an app uninstalled webhook from api call on app installation. (The json return success,). I see the webhook successfully being registered, however when I delete the app from test Shopify store, I do not see that webhook being triggered.


Can anyone help me with the issue?

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@Marthamurray   what was the your code line ?

the only case that you register webhook URL that was not up or not working. this the only case webhook not fire. shopify send webhook after some retry 10 then then time. if failed.  you need to return the success response as per the shopify guide 
more detail you can see thie guide

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We got successful response on registering webhook but its not triggering our webhook on app uninstall event


webhook {

  id: 1102699593801,

  address: https://xxxxxx/api/v1/appuninstall/webhook ,

  topic: app/uninstalled,

  created_at: 2023-06-29T14:44:25+05:30,

  updated_at: 2023-06-29T14:44:25+05:30,

  format: json,

  fields: [],

  metafield_namespaces: [],

  api_version: 2021-10,

  private_metafield_namespaces: []