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Hi everybody!
Is there any possibility that a Shopify Application is priced according to the needs of the merchant who wants to buy and install it in their store? I have fixed monthly prices, but some clients may need a custom price.
Thanks for your time!

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Hi @ClimaticCo-Sop ,

This is Kate from PageFly - Landing page builder, I’d like to suggest this idea:

Yes, it is possible to price a Shopify app according to the needs of a merchant. While fixed monthly pricing is common for Shopify apps, some app developers offer custom pricing options for merchants who require specific features or services.

For example, a developer could offer a basic version of their app at a lower price, while charging more for a premium version that includes additional features and support. Alternatively, they could offer custom pricing based on the number of sales made through the app, the size of the store, or the complexity of the customization required.

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