Applying discount to customers using accounts with specific emails

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I havn´t quite found the right answer in the community yet, so here´s my question: 

Is it possible for me to give 15% discount on every order to a group of my costumers who´s using the same email domain? 

For example if i want to give 15% of every order to every employee at a company.


Do i need to create a segment or is there an app that can do this without creating segments?  

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Segments are a pretty straight-forward easy way to manage this:

  1. Go to the "customers" page
  2. Create a filter using: `customer_email_domain = <yourdomain>`
  3. Save the segment (name it)
  4. Click "Use Segment"
  5. Choose "Give Discount"

Are you running into any challenges with that workflow?

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I am sort of running in to challenges, 


My goal is to create a automatic discount for that (yourdomain) segment. With that i mean that they won´t need a discount code but that i simply applies for every (yourdomain) customer. 


Is there a way around discount codes? 

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Shopify recently launched Automatic Discounts, not sure if you have considered these.


But unfortunately there is no Customer eligibility settings in them (as to apply to a segment only). Anyway discounts to segments are said to have bugs and issues.




If you create normal discounts (not automatic) based on customer tags, for example, I think there was some way to push the discount in the cart form, but not sure this is working anymore, besides it looks a bit cumbersome too, something like this:

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