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Apps for car accessories store

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Hi Shopify Community,

I'm building a custom made-to-order car accessories store and was wondering if you have any apps suggestion for my customers to select their car year, make and model on the product page before adding to cart? I will need this app to appear on each of my product pages.

Ideally, this data will need to be collected and show on the order page so I can supply the products based on the vehicle they've selected.

Many thanks!

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I'm not sure of an app but I would personally approach it by implementing custom code.

1) Use HTML to add the elements to the product page to gather the data.

2) Use JavaScript to cancel the default add to cart behavior and instead use the Shopify ajax api to add the product to cart + the data they selected as a line item property.

3) Now in your order page, each line item will have that data the user selected.


If you get stuck or don't have a developer on your team feel free to reach out to My team customizes Shopify stores every day.

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That doesn't make sense as an app, you're asking for very specific functionality that applies to your store.


Also I believe you're approaching this wrong. How can a customer pick their make model and year at the product page? Break pads for a honda accord 2008 are very different than pads for a honda accord 2020.


You should let the customer choose their car first and then show them parts.

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Thanks antonb. 

The store makes custom products for cars and my customer would choose their vehicle year, make and model. And I will use this information as my brief for production. Hope that makes more sense? 

For context, below is an example from a store I came across online: 

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Thanks JoesIdeas! Very helpful!

Would the function (Make, Model, Year) on the below link be custom coded?

*Not my site. Came across it online*

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It looks like you need a YMM filter. Please take a look at this app and its demo store. You can achieve the YMM filter using this app You can add YMM data to tags or metafields.