Apps for changing the sell price of the same item based on the collection it is in

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I have a hockey team site and I am customizing my apparel based on the team's logo by adding their branding to each garment.


So I have 5 collections right now and the product is all the same in each collection with the team logo being the only differentiating factor.  I have teams that want to add a secondary decoration to their apparel but I don't have a way to add a charge for the extra decoration location based on the collection that product is in. I need it to appear on the product page itself and not in the cart.  Or worst case scenario a way to have the same product show different sell prices based on the collection it is in.


I have all inventory tied to an ERP system so i can't just create new SKU's for each product based on the collection it is in...


Any suggestions on an app that would let me set up an additional fee for a product that is in multiple collections understanding that I don't want the fee to show up in all collections.


Jacket 1 - collection 1 - sell prcie 100.00 


Jacket 1 - collection 2 - sell price 105.00


I have already tried Order & Product fees app. and Infinite Options app.  


Thank you in advance for your help!

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Hi. Just want to check my understanding here:

  • You currently have 5 collections of products that share the same SKU, but you are printing different logos on them based on the collection selected
  • The displayed prices for the 5 collections are the same
  • You want a way to change the price of the product under a specific collection when customers want to add secondary decorations

Is this the case? You basically want the price to vary based on the collection, and not the SKU?




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Sounds like you understand my situation.  Do you have any recommendations? Thank you in advance for your time.