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Apps Needed. Round up and Donate / Apply discount at checkout

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I'm looking for suggestions for apps that'll fulfill these two specifics

1/ an app that will allow a customer at the checkout to round up the payment to the nearest number, so we can donate to charity. a lot of our prices end in 99, so we think people will happily give those pennies away.

2/ an app that will check how many of each line item has been bought and apply a discount based on quantities. for example every fourth one bought, then the first four, cost 10. then back to each item is 2.99, until eight, when the price is 20. 

if you've done the above with any apps, i'd like to know so i can trial them. 

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Hello bro. If you wonder how to make store get more profitable, how to cross- sell, up sell more products and the most important  is how to acttract cusomers, I'm so excited to be here to introduce my Upsell app to solve these prblems.  It would be sure that your shoppers would impressived and not missed all of your offers that you bring to. If concern, try to see my example product, and give me any feedbacks. Thanks guys

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For #1 we might be able to customize our app Tip Jar to make that happen. It's called Tip Jar but it's highly customizable so we have users that use the app for donations too.

If you're on Shopify Plus, we can put it in the checkout. If you're not, then it would have to be on the website (cart page or product page, etc).

If you want my team to look into that round up feature for you, contact us through the app listing:


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@bytejunkie #1 we got you, and it's free for round-up campaigns →