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Hi! I just downloaded several apps for social media feed on my shopify page and decided not to use any so I deleted all the apps. It is still showing them as section options though when I go to customize my website and go to "Add Section". When I click them to add as a section it will still pull up the settings the app offered on my page. I wanted the apps to be fully gone because it's cluttering my "Add Section" settings. Can someone help? Thanks!

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I'm also read some things that involve me having to get rid of coding. I am not a coder and have no experience and wouldn't want to break something, nor do I have the time to hire someone. Would leaving these apps but not using them on my website affect my website speed?

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Hi @JAC1 

Unfortunately, it's pretty common for apps to leave code behind after being uninstalled. This sounds like the exact situation you're in.

Leaving the old social media code in there will likely still have some kind of impact on page speed. May not be much, but it's best to try and remove it if you're no longer using the app.

I understand you aren't comfortable jumping into your theme's code. That's a smart move since you don't want to break any functionality.

If you did want to try and remove it yourself, here's how I'd go about it:

  • Duplicate your live theme and do all code changes on the duplicate (this way you don't risk breaking your live site).
  • Go into the duplicated theme's code and check your theme.liquid file. It'll be within the Layout folder.
  • Scroll through the theme.liquid file to see if you can find any code related to the apps you uninstalled.
  • If you find the problem app code, then delete that piece of code.
  • Once you're done deleting code, you can preview the duplicated site and go to the Customize tool as well to ensure the app code is gone.
  • If all looks good, then you can publish the duplicated theme as your new live theme.

That's how I typically go about removing old app code, but if you need any further assistance feel free to reach out to our optimization team at Best of luck!


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