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I am very new to Shopify and still have a lot to learn about apps that are suitable for our site. We have an outdoor adventure business selling tour packages, accommodation and outdoor apparel and gear. We are using Rezdy to manage the tour package bookings and suppliers and another app for the accommodations. It is a one-stop-shop for outdoor adventure fans where they can book accommodation, tours/adventure and gear. 

What we want to achieve is to be able to allow our customers to checkout after booking tours, accommodation and apparel all at once rather than paying for their accommodation first or tours first before they can shop for tours and apparel. 

I wonder if anyone is aware of an app that will allow us to enable this feature for our customers. Thank you!

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Hey @fidgetlab,

The PickyStory app might be a good solution for you. You can bundle your products/services together and enable your shoppers to add them to the cart with a single click. It's fully customizable and implemented without any coding.

Here's an example, every product (t-shirt) could also be a service, so think about tour (1) accommodation (2) apparel (3):



Hope this helps!




Alex Green | PickyStory
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Hi Alex,

Thank you for your response. Unfortunately, that is not what we are looking
for. The model of the business is as follows:

3 Product Categories
- Tour Packages
---- Will use Rezdy to manage Tours on the admin side. Rezdy provides
iFrames for Shopify and helps us find suppliers who sell tour packages.
- Accommodation Packages
---- Still looking for accommodation app/third party software
- Apparel/Outdoor Gear/Products
---- Will use Multivendor app to manage products from gear/apparel partners
who want to feed their products on to our site.

When someone purchases a tour package from our site, we want them to be
able to continue shopping and either add accommodation or gear/apparel
without having to checkout and pay for the tour package first. We want them
to pay for all their purchases from our website all at once when they have
finished shopping from all or any of the product categories.

I hope this makes sense and thank you.

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Not possible with iframe on Shopify.

But possible using Wordpress or Squarespace. Basically you want to combine booking and product retail in one checkout 

Or you also can upsell via emails marketing or segment workflow in Mailchimp.

Or you can also offer egift card for retail. There are many routes.

Hope that helps!


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Hi, Curious if you found something that can do this, as Im looking to do something similar? Cheers,