Apps with Addon-Ons and Extra Line Items During Checkout

Apps with Addon-Ons and Extra Line Items During Checkout

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Most of my products have color and size options with pricing varying with Size. Unfortunately, the 100 variation limit is often a factor.


I've tried 3 different apps so far that meet my need but when you add-on price because of an "upgrade" of some sort, it creates another line item in your cart when you checkout. It just looks un-appealing. The developers say this is a requirement of shopifys policies but I feel like there has got to bet big name stores doing this without the the mess. 


Is there any apps out there that allow add-on or increased pricing without actually putting another line item on during checkout?

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The issue you mentioned is that using the options of a third-party application will create an additional draft order. This is completely normal and not a serious problem, so you can rest assured.

You can try using the application "BSS: Product Variants Options." If there are any issues, the consultants will be ready to support you quickly.

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Hello @CWRRT , 


iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell enhances your cart functionality by allowing for a more seamless integration of product upsells, add-ons, and pricing adjustments. Here’s how it can address your needs:


  • iCart allows you to create dynamic pricing rules for add-ons or product upgrades without creating separate variants or extra line items.
  • You can set up price changes that are applied directly to the base product’s price, ensuring that the checkout experience remains clean and uncluttered.
  • You can use iCart to offer additional product options such as color or size with specific pricing adjustments.
  • These adjustments are made directly within the cart, and the price update reflects on the primary product rather than as a separate line item.
  • The app allows you to customize the cart drawer to display all relevant product options and pricing adjustments in a unified manner.
  • Customers can see their selected add-ons or upgrades along with the adjusted total price without additional items being listed.
  • By consolidating all product options and add-ons under a single line item in the cart, the checkout process remains streamlined and professional.
  • This helps maintain a clean aesthetic, which is crucial for large stores with diverse product options.

You can check "icart cart drawer cart upsell" it might be helpful to you.


iCart Cart Drawer Cart Upsell App

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Can you send me reference to this specific feature and how it works? I installed and was very very confused with this app and how my issue may be resolved with it. I dont want to add additional products. I just want different sizes of the same item to be selected and have different prices. I also have multiple colors but that doesnt change the price.