AR model generation for wall decor stores

Hello dear Shopify'ers!

I've been wondering if there are any posters / wallart / wall decor stores out there which would see a benefit when using my recent (still in the making) Shopify app called Pikturo.

The Idea - enable visitors to preview/fit your designs on their own walls, by automatically generatic the AR models for all of them (no need for hiring an expensive 3D designer).

This graphic should tell you a bit more:


If you're managing such store, would you mind telling me:

  1. Are you aware of existing Shopify possibility to add AR models to your products directly in the Shopify Admin?
  2. Have you considered creating such models for your designs?
  3. If yes, what have been stopping you to do so?

Hit me up with some of your questions! WIll be delighted to answer them



Creator of Pikturo - 3d model generation app for your wall decor store products