Are my Shopify product reviews still recoverable?

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I know that Shopify discontinued their reviews app and I thought that I had backed up my reviews but I can't find them! The review star ratings are still showing on our website but I can't seem to find the actual reviews anywhere so that I can export them into Can anything be done to recover them? At least some of the data is somewhere on my site but the Shopify Review app was uninstalled so I can't see if there is a way to export them.

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It's unfortunate that Shopify discontinued their reviews app. Since the app was uninstalled, the reviews might still be stored in your store's database. You could try reaching out to Shopify support for assistance in recovering the reviews data. They might be able to provide guidance or access to the data you need to export them into


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Hello @craiganderson,


Try to contact Shopify support. They possibly may assist. 


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