Are Shopify Apps Allowed to sell Personal Identifiable Information?

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Hi Shopify and Community,


Does anyone know (or can Shopify clarify) if it allows apps on the Shopify App Store to sell customer PII or provide this information to advertisers?

Shop owners need to comply with many data protection rules and also want to protect our customers, yet it's unclear if we are protecting this data through 3rd party apps. It would be very easy for Shopify to mandate that no app in the Shopify App Store will sell PII so that we can tell our customers that we are protecting data or complying with the law. I try to parse through each individual privacy policy of every app I install (and I'm fairly tech savvy) and it's still very unclear to me how this information is being used since it's often in legalese and copy/pasted from some 3rd party source. Shopify needs to clarify this for everyone using the service.


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