Asset API resource for non published app.

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As a developer I am utilizing the shopify API's. But I have question regarding the breaking changes of Asset API resource.

Shopify said starting with Admin API 2023-04, Asset resource PUT or DEL requests are restricted using the write_themes access scope. If an app that's distributed in the Shopify App Store needs to use Asset resource PUT or DEL requests, then it needs to be granted an exemption by Shopify to use the write_themes access scope.

I have got the exemption approval from shopify for an app which is working fine.

But question here is how can I access this app testing version (we can say another local app same as production) which is not published as it is for testing. Our Testing(local) app is unable to add assets in the Theme. So we can't validate any changes before they are roll out to production.

  •  Do I also Need to submit the Exemption form for the testing app if yes, then what should be added in the "Shopify App Store URL" field of Exemption Request form.
  •  How can I use the complete Asset API resource for local app.

Will there be any way so, we can validate our changes before they are rolled out to production? Having access to such an environment would greatly facilitate our testing efforts.

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