Assistance Needed for Retrieving Billing Information via Shopify API

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Hello Shopify Community,

I am developing a new Shopify app designed to manage store expenses. While we have successfully used other APIs related to products and orders, we are encountering issues with retrieving billing information.

Issue Details:

We aim to request and aggregate expense data related to:

  • Shopify plan subscriptions.
  • Sales and transaction commissions.
  • Costs of additional applications and services.

Despite using the following API endpoints, we are receiving blank data:

  • /admin/api/2024-04/application_charges.json
    • Results: {"application_charges":[]}
  • /admin/api/2024-04/recurring_application_charges.json
    • Results: {"recurring_application_charges":[]}

Request for Assistance:

  • API Endpoints:

    • Which specific API endpoints should we use to retrieve data on Shopify plan subscriptions, sales and transaction commissions, and costs of additional applications and services?
  • Data Permissions:

    • What permissions and scopes are necessary to access this data?
  • Other Considerations:

    • Are there any best practices or compliance guidelines we should follow to ensure our app meets Shopify's requirements for private/public apps?


Thank you for your support and guidance.

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