Assistance with Creating Customizable Snack Boxes

Assistance with Creating Customizable Snack Boxes

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I am reaching out for assistance in setting up customizable snack boxes on my Shopify store.

Here is what I am looking to achieve:

Customizable Snack Boxes:
Each box should contain exactly 10 items.
Customers should be able to choose the quantities of different snacks to reach a total of 10 items per box. Snacks should not be purchasable individually; they can only be selected as part of a box.

Form Setup:
I need a form on the product page of each box where customers can see all available snack options.
Customers should be able to increase or decrease the quantity of each snack to customize their box.
The form should enforce a total of exactly 10 items selected before allowing the customer to add the box to the cart.
If the total number of selected items is less than or more than 10, the "Add to Cart" button should be disabled.

Does anyone know of an app that can help me achieve these requirements? Any detailed instructions, examples, or app recommendations would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much for your support and assistance.

Best regards,

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Hi @Isaura_ ,


I wonder if you are looking for a custom code solution. Please check the implementation flow and output in the video below.



Let me know if you have more questions to ask.

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