Assistance with Filter Button Placement via Search and Discovery App

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Hello everyone,

Could I tap into your collective wisdom? On our collection pages, specifically, the filter button—marked 'FILTERS'—is positioned above the main heading/headline on the desktop version. We'd like to enhance user navigation by relocating this button to sit below both the hero section promotional banner and the main heading/headline.

Is there an in-built feature or shortcode within the Search and Discovery App that facilitates this adjustment, or would it require custom JavaScript and Liquid code modifications? I'm somewhat familiar with both and would greatly appreciate any pointers or guidance you could offer.

Thank you in advance for your help!




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Hi @magiclotus 


Could you please provide your Store URL and, if applicable, the Password too? Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!


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Hi @sahilsharma9515 , Thank you very much for your reply. I have transferred it to my development store at The first time the 'All Collections' page loads, the filter button dropdown should be positioned below the 'All' headline.