Attaching NFTs to my physical products.

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Hello. Thanks for taking time to read my question. 

I want to know if there is any way to attach NFTs to physical products in my shop and then apply a utility to the NFT where the current holder receives a percentage of sales from that attached physical product. I assume I’d have to input the new wallet address every time the NFT is sold (if this is even possible) I’m just wondering how streamlined I can do this with Shopify and the costs associated.  

example: create nft for my product. If no one owns it all sales of my physical product are normally gained. But if someone buys the nft then they input wallet addy and receive 2% of the profit for every sale. If sold new owner receives instructions to change wallet addy. Rinse repeat. 

is it possible? Does Shopify have something like this already? Or would I need to hire someone to make this app for me? 

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Yes, you came up with an interesting idea. I think that everything can really be organized on Shopify, that’s all. Well, if something doesn’t work out, then you can organize it all on external hosting, and accept payment through Shopify.


As for the topic of Web3, and the creation of NFTs, you can read in more detail here:

How do I create an NFT collection?



And NFT sales based on Shopify We discuss this topic here:

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