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Auto-add tracking info to PayPal to reduce disputes lost

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Hi dropshippers,

  I'm sure many of you have experienced this trouble - you or your suppliers have shipped orders to the clients and the packages show delivered, but some clients still claim "Item Not Received" and ask for a refund or state an "Unauthorized Transaction". These situations can easily lead to payment holds in PayPal and increase the reserve levels, which is bad for your business and reputation.

  One solution to avoid this annoyance is to add the tracking numbers and carriers to PayPal for each transaction. And when your customers open a dispute, you can provide PayPal customer service with valid proof of shipment or proof of delivery, then you will be protected by PayPal's Seller Protection program and can retain the full purchase amount.

  When you use ShopMaster to import products, monitor price and inventory, auto-order, and auto-sync tracking info, you can also connect your PayPal account to ShopMaster, so when your orders are fulfilled on ShopMaster with tracking info, the tracking info will be auto-added to your PayPal account. Almost everything on ShopMaster is automatic, greatly reducing your manual work and saves your time and energy.

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