Auto donate to specific charity based on purchase value

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Hi there,

This is what we’re trying to do:

Automatically donate a portion of sales towards a specific “project/charity” and display a “progress bar” of some sort on a page.


Here’s an example: $20 of every item over $200 is donated to enroll a child in Africa in school, then there’s a progress bar on a page saying “with your help we’ve enrolled over 153 children in school” or something like that.

Is this possible? Is there an app that can do this? We’d be happy to add a donate option to up the donated value, but we really want to assign a portion of the original sale towards that donation instead of just ask for additional funds.

Thank you so much,


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Check out this app

You can donate a percentage of the product cost or fixed amount, as a merchant. As well, you can add an impact calculator.

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HI @LAMBERTONES responding a little late to this. If you are still looking for a product that can do  this Pledger has an impact calculator feature that enables your store to showcase your impact eg. 10 trees planted, 30 meals provided for children in need etc. The only catch is that its currently only servicing stores selling to UK in GBP currency

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Hi Lambertones,


Iequalchange makes it simple & powerful to accelerate your sustainability journey by giving back to people & planet. 

Check them out here: