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Auto-tag archived products

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we use Stocky to re-order products, but want to filter out the archived products. There is no option in Stocky itself. But there is to option to exclude products with a specific tag. So if we tag the archived products with a tag "archived" we can filter them out.

We cannot find an app where we can automate this proces. So when a product gets archived, it gets the tag. 

Do you know an app for that?

Best, Dirk

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Hi Dirk,

Have you checked out Parabola? You can import products from your store that are archived and unpublished with just a few clicks. You can then tag those products as "archived" in Parabola and send them back to Shopify with updated tags.

Here's an example of what a flow looks like:


Here's an example of the data we'll send to Shopify to update your product tags:


Flows run on a schedule, so depending on how frequently you need to tag these products, Parabola should be able to handle it. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at


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Hi Dirk,

So our app Shypyard is designed exactly to handle custom auto-tagging needs. We offer a generic automation platform for merchants to build any real-time automation need such as yours.

So you can set up a task in Shypyard that is run when a product is archived, then immediately add a special tag to that product. You can also set up the reverse logic as well, to remove said tag when the product is un-archived again. 

We currently offer complimentary onboarding support if you have any custom business needs. Just reach out to us for to learn more!

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Hi Dirk,

My name is Aamir and I'm the founder of Auto Tags. My app can help you automate tagging of archived products -- by adding the tag as soon as the product is marked as archived. You can also process your existing products to tag archived ones.

Shopify Partner
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Hi Dutch Mud Men,


Such a simple problem! Unfortunately most apps don't care enough to support all of Shopify's features, like archiving. Fortunately Horse has all of the features of Stocky and also supports everything from Shopify, including archiving 🙂

Check out why Shopify store owners are switching to Horse for all of their inventory management needs.