Autods app within Shopify

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Hi everyone, iam currently under the $1 offer with shopify but under a specific plan and I also registered to AutoDs under a temporary offer also under a specific plan. For some reason and on different pc/devices I get the same problem when I try to launch AutoDs itself Iam stucked into the main welcoming screen asking me to add a store with an arrow pointing to left menu where I can see my store name (lol)… AND when I try to launch the app from the Shopify store/menu, a screen shows up with the loading page, then AutoDs logo at the center BUT nothing happens… any ideas? 

Do you think it could be because iam just freshly registered on both sides Shopify / AutoDs and the system is considering that as a trial not allowing things to load up… iam stucked and its very ananoying! Thanks for you help.

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