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Autofilling product page, true bulk editor - I'm wasting time

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A lot of my time is spent repeating the same tasks, usually on the product pages. All my products are basically variants of the same thing and have the same info. 


Product A has 5 variants

Product B has 5 variants

Product C has 5 variants


each variant in each product has the same variant name, same price. But manually entering these each time is time consuming. I've used 'Bulk Product Editor' by Ablestar but it doesn't quite do what I want. 


After importing from Oberlo, this is what I have to do manually:


1. re-order variants, I see no way to do this automatically

2. Manually adjust prices of each variant

3. Manually name each variant.


'Bulk Product Editor' will allow my to run a search and replace on the variants, but it treats each variants as the same and doesn't quite work. 



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You could use a spreadsheet and bulk upload the csv.


That will at least allow you to work faster with copy / paste and bulk replace.


The approach I would take is to go through the process of exporting csv, editing it, then uploading once and create an SOP. Then you have instructions for your VA to execute when needed.

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Hi @paul- 


We are a bit biased, but the best way to edit Shopify data in bulk is to use Airtable, and sync the data with the AirPower app. Take a look at our guide on how to bulk update your Shopify data with Airtable. 

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Hi @paul- 

Take a look at Mixtable. Mixtable is like Google Sheets, but with all Excel-style formulas. And it seamlessly syncs to and from Shopify. You can easily copy/paste your product data to bulk edit your Shopify store's data.

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Let me add yet another option to the list: Super Sheet. It's a spreadsheet app right inside Shopify admin, which allows bulk edits. You can re-order variants by settings variant positions, and change prices and variant names in bulk with simple find & replace commands, like "Find all variants with price $100.00 and change it to $99.00" . You can find the app here: .