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Hi there,


I am a developer building my first Shopify store for a client. They have a backend POS that can create a CSV export once a day. I'd like to be able to import this once a day to update stock levels (or to CRUD products as needed).


On other platforms I'd do this by having the POS push the CSV export to the websites server then I'd run a script via a Cronjob to do the import/update. In some cases I have been able to use a plugin to help with this depending on the plaform.


Are there any apps in the app store that can handle this? It seems like an obvious hole in Shopify for an app developer to fill but nothing I have searched for seems to do the job.


How have others handled this on their stores?


Thank you in advamce.

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As I know until now there is no app for this. You should need to write a custom app for your customer.

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We are adding few POS to Shopify connectors. Just added MBO/Booker on our platform.

Does your POS have an API or it can only generate CSV? 


You could also do a GoogleSheet to Shopify if you can put it on GSheet using Zapier or using a platform like ours.


Happy to show you how it works on our platform.  Let me know if you are interested. You can email us at


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Thanks Pandaflow. I am still waiting from the POS developers to confirm what way their system exports their products. I do think from what little I have found out so far that it's most likely just going to be an CSV export. 


Googlesheets To Shopify seems like it would be less hassle and less of a learning curve than building a custom app. I might be a bit too early in my Shopify journey to be tackling that although I'm sure I'll be able to figure it out if I need to.


Many thanks for your contact details. I'd be interested in reaching out to you if this looks to be the most viable option.

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If it comes to it and a custom app is the only way to go then I might need to review the budget on this one.


But I am also open to the notion of learning how to build out a custom app if it's the only way to do this.


Thanks for your input.

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Hi  emeryxie


I am not sure that will be useful. We're not integrating with AliExpress. This is a custom POS created by a local software company.

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Hey @garethrane,

Parabola can for sure help you here!

With Parabola you can upload any CSV file, transform and filter the data however is needed, and then push the resulting data to Shopify to automatically update inventory.

Insider tip: Parabola just launched a new Read Email Attachment import step that would allow you to provide your client with a dedicated email address where they could send the CSV attachment to automatically trigger your Parabola flow, which would then update their inventory levels in real-time.

Hope this is what you're looking for!

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Yeah, there is an app called Skyvia. We use it to automatically import CSV to Shopify: app is also used to export Shopify data to CSV or a database (like in our case). It doesn't require any coding and has a free version.