Automatic offers through a landing page

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Hi all!

For a sale, I want to create a dedicated landing page with bundles and offers such as Buy 2 Get 1 Free, Buy 1 Get 50% off, etc. This page will only be accessible to people who have subscribed to a list. So we'd send them a special link to this page. I want these people to be able to redeem these offers without the use of discount codes, so all they have to do is access the landing page, click on whatever bundle/offer they want, and shop on the store, and then have these offers automatically applied at checkout.

Is there an app that allows me to do this?



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Yes, my bundle app, BYOB, creates virtual products linking to physical products. You can set up bundles without displaying them under any collections. After that, just send the virtual product links to these customers. 



BYOB - Build Your Own Bundles, SPO - SEO App to research keywords & edit social link preview
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@jam_chan Hi! Thanks for your reply. I am looking for something a bit more complex. 

I will be creating a special VIP list. I'd like this VIP list to have special discounts on the whole store. For example, a customer would land on the landing page, select the offer that they like (e.g. Buy 2 Get 1 Free), and then browse the store with that discount already applied at checkout. But I don't want this discount available for anyone who isn't on the VIP list. 


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Crashbandicoot, did you ever figure this out?