automatic printing of received orders

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Hi !

I'm looking for a solution for my Shopify store.
We are a restaurant and deliver meals.
The solution is a system of automatic printing of received orders.
The order must be sent to multiple printers.
I insist on automatic printing, no click.

Thank you tell me if you have a solution for me.


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Just thinking that if you could use Zapier to detect the sale and forward an email to an on  ine printer service. I know HP do that, you send an email to a hp email address and it is set up to print on a particular printer. I do this from my laptop to my home printer.

or set yourself up as a fulfillment service provider so you get a copy of the order sent to the online printer (see above).

Does any of that make an sense?


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Hi guys, 

Have you tried our Printout Designer? 

It allows you to create custom printouts like sales receipts, invoices, packing slips and automatically email or print them when order is created or updated in Shopify. This way you can issue your tax receipts without preventing the system from issuing an invoice. 
You can check it out here:

I hope it helps,

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Hi @François_JULIEN! It seems that none of existing solutions can do that, but maybe we can assist. Can we request a bit more details about your current system / infrastructure (if this task is still actual)?

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We have the same problem. We need automatic printing on our shopify printer for pick-up orders through zapiet. Going back through the system to check on new orders is time consuming.