Automatic Replacement of an Item in a Bundle When Selecting a Different Size: Is it Possible?

Automatic Replacement of an Item in a Bundle When Selecting a Different Size: Is it Possible?

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Hello everyone, I'm in search of an app that enables me to customize bundles of clothing and accessories. Specifically, I want the ability, when choosing a size different from the initial one, for the selected item to be automatically replaced with a different model.

Here's a more detailed explanation:

1) The user clicks on the complete bundle of clothing and accessories that catches their interest.
2) Upon realizing that the size specified for the pants (e.g., L) is not suitable, the user can opt for a different size (e.g., M).
3) Instead of the originally included pants, the user sees an alternative model in the desired size.

The objective is to provide users with an always-available alternative to the initial bundle, especially since many items in my upcoming store will be unique pieces.

Despite extensive searches and trials of various apps, none seems to fulfill this specific requirement.

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to assist me! 😊


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Hey there, thank you for your comment.
Unfortunately, this is not what I was looking for since it is not focused on pre-designed "shop the look" solutions, which is my main product. Thank you for your time though!

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Hi @sissinut,

Are you suggesting selling the clothing set (e.g., sweater & sweater pant) with the flexibility for customers to choose Sweater Size and Sweater Pant Size individually (e.g., Sweater S & Pant M)?

If that's the case, using the Easify Product Options app could be a great solution for creating customizable bundles 😊.

Here's a step-by-step guide:



App Settings:

  • Create Sweater and Sweater Pant as separate products, each with its own size options (S, M, L) and inventories. If you prefer, you can hide these individual items from the storefront later by using the seo.hidden metafield.

  • Create your Sweater Set product (bundle) without any predefined options.

  • Install the app and create an option set.

  • Add an option for selecting Sweater Size using the Buttons option type. Link each Sweater Size option value with the corresponding variants of your existing Sweater product.





  • Similarly, add an option for selecting Sweater Pant Size, linking each option value with the variants of your existing Sweater Pant product.



  • (Optional) Add more custom options for selecting accessories in your bundle if you want.
  • Finally, select the Sweater Set product in the app and add the Sweater Size and Sweater Pant Size options to it.


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Hello! Thank you so much for your input; it's very helpful, and this app definitely seems like it could be a good fit for me. I'm interested in understanding if it's possible to further customize the experience by adding different images for each size variant.

Thank you very much!