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Is there an app or function on Shopify that is able to automatically apply a discount code, which will show as a code on the backend instead of a label like the Shopify automatic code function. The code will apply at checkout page when any products in the collection are added to the checkout page.

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Hi TiffanyChung,


Can you please explain why you need it to show up as a code, instead of a label?


If not for that requirement, then automatic discounts for specific collections would be the perfect solution, and more consistent.


If, instead, you are relying on a manual discount code being added automatically, you most likely will have to use the AJAX Cart API to do this. This will happen on the client side, instead of server side, so it is more prone to issues than a true automatic discount, and might not always apply automatically as intended.




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  • Automatic Discount & Gift: Applies discounts based on cart conditions and shows the code in the backend.
  • Discount Ninja: Offers advanced discounting, applying codes at checkout with backend visibility.
  • Selly: Provides multiple discount types, including automatic application at checkout, with the code visible in the backend.

    these apps should help you