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Automatically donate a % of my sales (€) to a local French Charity

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Hi all, 

I'm looking for a Shopify app that would automatically donate 10% of each of my sales, (directly and automatically) to a local French charity of my choice (in euros).

For example, I want that when someone buys a 100€ item on my website, 10€ of his/her transaction is sent directly to the charity (I don’t want it as an option, I want to let the customer know that WE are donating 10% of this sale to a charity). I want this information to appear on the basket page and I want them to receive an email receipt saying that thanks to their purchase, 10€ was donated to a good cause.

The donation must be sent directly to the charity, I don't want donations money to transit through us.

Also, I’d like customers to have an extra donation option when checking out. Eg. if at the top of their 100€ purchase they want to donate an additional 5€. 

Does anyone knows one or two good apps for this? 

Many thanks for your response and help!


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Hi @elenacha - you can definitely do this with Pledger You'll need to ask support if they can can enable EUROs/none UK stores