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Automatically shop shipping rates

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Hello, everyone.


Can anyone please advise on my situation? Many of our orders receive free shipping, and we manage our shipping with ShipStation. For these free-shipping orders, we manually "shop" for the least expensive shipping rate for each order (between USPS Priority, FedEx Ground, and FedEx Home). This becomes a little time consuming and is particularly so during busy periods. At the least, it is tedious and a task that is better suited for a computer.


Is there an app that can perform this rate shopping in Shopify so that the rate is already chosen by the time the order is synced to ShipStation? Can Shopify Flow handle this functionality? (We are Shopify Plus customers at present.)


ShipStation is not automatic in this way due to carrier agreements. I'm sure a light program can be written with ShipStation's API, but I'd rather avoid that if a solution already exists.


Thank you for your help!


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Hello Ryan,


Yes, ShipStation cannot automate the process of choosing the shipping methods because of the agreements with the carriers.  As you have mentioned the only way to achieve this is to do a custom development using their API.


Alternatively, I would like to recommend StorePep Shopify shipping solution which will automatically choose the cheapest shipping method among various carriers.


Hope this helps you!


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Automatically choosing the cheapest cost among many carriers is something which can be easily attained with Multi Carrier Shipping label app. The app automatically selects the cheapest costing service and assigns the order to it. So you can generate labels without having to put effort in segregating them.

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We just released a tool for ShipStation that will automatically select the cheapest carrier. You can check it out here: 

Let me know if this might help you

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If you would like to simplify the front end of this process,  this app can bake your shipping cost into product prices so you can always offer free shipping, and spend less time calc'ing this manually!