Automatically track discount code uses in Google Sheet

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Hello all,

I am attempting to track specific promo code uses without having to export the discount data every week/month/etc. 

The process I'm trying to setup:
I add a specific promo code to Google Sheets. It is set to 0 under Number of Uses.
An order is made using that promo code. 
The Sheet is updated to show it's now been used 1 time.

To remove the step of exporting the discount data, I found it's possible to have the discount code used during checkout added to my new order notification email. I have yet to find a way to pull the data from Gmail and add a +1 to the specific promo code used in Google Sheets. I've tried Zapier with no luck, but maybe missed something.

I essentially want to open the Sheet and see my list of specific codes and how many times they have been used. It doesn't need to be up to date to the day, or even week. But it would be nice to remove the manual labor and having it update automatically. 

Seems pretty specific to my situation, but any suggestions on how to go about this?

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Well... I don't know about google sheets, but you can do this from a programming standpoint.  (I am sure you can do this from google sheets, but this is a suggestion).

Im not sure where your programming skill level is, but it is possible to "check" emails with php programming.  You can have it look for specific codes that you keep in a mysql table, and iff it locates a code in the email, modify the mysql table.  After all, an google spreadsheet is basically like a mysql table.  

Its a bit elaborate for your specific use, but if your looking to automate a process like that, programming is the way.

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hope your a good.

I was wondering if you found a solution for this?

Happy to here frome you 😉

Thank you

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Also have the same problem - would love to have Shopify update a spreadsheet so that clients can see which codes have and havn't been used yet, without manually pulling the report.