automaticAppDiscount is not supported with these combines_with settings

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I need help

When I create a discount using discountAutomaticAppCreate, I specify the parameter combinesWith.






'combinesWith' => [
                'orderDiscounts' => true,
                'productDiscounts' => true,
                'shippingDiscounts' => true






interface returns the error message: automaticAppDiscount is not supported with these combines_with settings



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Same for me. =/

And this not be for all stores: it's in some stores only with the same mutation.

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Seeing the same issue with our app. Only one store showing this error, all others work fine.

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Any news from someone at Shopify please? This is affecting multiple shops using our app, just not all of them. We are also noticing that in some cases only enabling the "orderDiscounts" option is causing the failure while the other two options work fine.


Can this be happening because there aren't any discounts of type ORDER that are combinable yet, and the discount I'm saving is of type PRODUCT? This wouldn't be very nice since then we have to search through their discounts before knowing what we can save.

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I recently received my first report about this error.


The store in question was a Shopify Plus shop.


No other store has reported this, in the almost 7 months my app has been on the App Store.


I couldn't find any documentation anywhere on potential causes for this error.

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This is happens due to certain combination restrictions. In my case it happened with Shipping discount, and I was passing combinesWith 'shippingDiscounts' => true. 


Which is not allowed.