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AUTOMIZELY APP. no refunds or returns even when their fault , what can i do?

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This is my review of them after months of frustration.  Has anyone else had this experience and is there anything i can do about it? Or am i just stuck holding the losses due to their incompetence 


The absolute worst ever. You may as well use AliExpress. I gave this app good reviews in the beginning but now after using it a while here is my honest assessment. They say 8–10-day delivery, nothing is delivered in 10 days.  If you are diligent enough to message them 10 times, they will say the first 9 times “we have raised Ur request to the concern team” “I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you” “we have raised ur request to the concerned team” that’s all u will get for every reply.  But nothing will ever get accomplished


If you call about ur order they say we ship within 1-3 days of payment, and its 8–10-day delivery after that.  Except nothing is shipped withing 1-3 days, “within 1-3” means between 1 and 3 not that at least 3 days maybe 5 maybe 7 and then 20 days delivery after that.  Mind you this is after me constantly asking why my orders aren’t shipped, imagine someone with 100 orders who can’t keep asking about every order.


Then they ship it out 5-6 days later and ur looking at 15-20 days delivery.  So, it’s basically 25 days.  So don’t promise ur customers 8-10 like I did or You’re going to have a lot of returns and unhappy customers

Which leads me to NO RETURNS they don’t accept any returns on items from China because they are delivered late, their policy says delivered within 30 days 70 days or some non-sense, or picked up 15 days from date of order 30 days from date of order, etc.  n they offer you $2 or $5 coupons


How can you wait for the 15-30 picked up by courier policy when they say 8–10-day delivery and u order it based on that give or take few days?  So, u want to offer a $2 coupon for a $40 order that will arrive 15 days late and the customer no longer wants, and I’m stuck with the product because u don’t offer refund and customer service has no answers, they’re talking parrots who repeat the same generic crap over and over.


DO YOUSELF A FAVOR AND USE ALI EXPRESS OR CJ DROPSHIP.  At least they work with you for returns and unsatisfied customers and don’t put the bill on you for their mistakes, you can return items on ale express, sellers give u good treatment and compensate u fairly for mistakes.  The same on CJ DROPSHIP.


Automizely, God forbid u have a large order and ur customer gets it 15 days late and is angry n no longer wants it, because ur stuck with it no refunds well ur $2 coupon their generic “I apologize for the inconvenience it has caused u”

Even if you cancel an order before they ship it out, good luck, I CANCELLED An ORDER 3 DAYS Before it was shipped out…. Umm and remember we ship within 1-3 days. well, I didn’t’ cancel same day. I cancelled 4 days later, which means 7 days in they had even shipped it for an 8–10-day delivery they say.


I asked for 3 days in a row to cancel it, I told them if my customer doesn’t get it within the 10-day period they’ll cancel because they need it for an occasion.  And I got “we have raised ur request to the concerned team”

So, 3 days after requesting cancellations 5 times they shipped it, now they tell me no returns, but they will give me $5 coupon on a 35-dollar order, I’ve already ordered it elsewhere to get it to my customer on time, because I don’t need angry customers


But even in their mistakes they won’t refund me.  So, I’ve had to put a stop payment on my card to them, due to their incompetence,


But other items they cancel 5 days after order because their supplier can’t fulfill it, which leaves me scrambling for a backup because I’ve already lost 5 days in processing n shipment and my customer doesn’t care if we have problems, and they shouldn’t, it’s not their issue. Unlike automizely we try to honor what we promise our customers.


NONE OF MY ORDERS HAVE BEEN DELIVERED ON TIME, EVEN AFTER I’VE HAD THEIR REP GIVE ME ASSURNCE OF DELIVERY BY A CERTAIN DATE THAT MY CUSTOMER NEEDS IT BY.  That delivery date mind you were 18 days from date of order so for 8–10-day delivery promises 18 days should have not been a problem, my customer got the order November 6th I ordered oct 13th and she needed it oct 31st for Halloween, $70 boots which guess what… I can’t return, so I stopped payment again.  F these idiots I’m not paying for their mistakes.

I’M STOPPING PAYMENT AFTER GIVING COUNTLESS 20% discounts to my customers because of late deliveries, which is me losing for their shit service.


SO GO TO ALI EXPRESS, GO TO CJ DROP, they’ll take ur returns they’ll refund u fully and work with you and communicate and save ur self from this shit company and their headaches or you’ll be getting bled slowly from your profits with unhappy customers


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Hi, @Ann1252 

Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback here about the Automizely App. Sorry to hear you've had a frustrating experience. 

If you haven't already, I'd recommend reaching out to our Support team directly to share your feedback and complaint. We're not able to provide account-specific support via the Community at this time, but if you contact our Support team, they'll be able to log your feedback and send it to our Apps and Partners team. While we can't guarantee any changes will come as a result of the feedback, the more feedback we receive the better. 

Thanks again for taking the time to share your detailed feedback here. I'm also happy to hear that you've found other companies to work with that have been a better experience for you! 

Hilary | Community Manager @ Shopify 
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