Automtically add payment method for new customers coming from a specific email domain

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Hello! Seeking help in finding out if there's any app out there that allows payment details to automatically be added to a specific customer group? For clarity here's the scenario:

1. Our Store has Wholesale Gorilla installed for our wholesale clients
2. A "big" wholesale client has many employees from hundreds of of branches

3. At any time these employees may place wholesale orders from our Store  through their own accounts

4. Now, the "big" wholesale client doesn't want to give the credit card details to an employee each time an order must be place any more. They want their employees to all use the same credit card automatically through their accounts.

Here comes the question: 

Is there an app that will allow payment details (credit ard)  to be added automatically to accounts that share the same email domain (,

Hope I was able to explain it clear engough. Appreciate any help I can get. 

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