Avoiding additional discounts being applied on Discounted Bundles

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We're using Fast Bundle on our Shopify store to sell a range of Bundles. These are groups of pre-selected products.


We want to avoid any other discounts (e.g. our new customer 10% discount) being eligible for our already discounted bundles. However, unfortunately because we are selling our Bundles as a single product, our Shopify Store is allowing this.


If anyone could assist with a workaround, we'd really appreciate it.


For reference:

- On the Fast Bundle App within settings we've selected 'Do not allow bundles' discount codes to be combined with other discount codes (image 1)

- On the new customer discount code within Shopify, we've also identified that it can't be combined with any other product or order discounts (image 2)


However, customers are able to apply a discount to our already discounted bundle (image 3).


Many thanks


Image of Fast Bundle Setting.png

Discount Code Settings.csv.png

Screenshot Bundle & Discount Code at checkout.png





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