B2B Custom Pricing app

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Does anyone know of a B2B custom pricing app that can do the following:

  • Apply custom pricing to entire store for certain accounts when logged in (e.g. 15% off ALL items)
  • Apply individual custom pricing (e.g. on top of 15% off entire store, an extra 5% off for certain members)  
  • Create different membership/account types 
  • Minimal to no theme editing 
  • Works with page builders such as LayoutHub 

Any suggestions would be very much appreciated, thanks guys! 

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Hi @crashbandicoot ,

It sounds like our app Wholster may be a good fit for your use-case.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch here: support@gist-apps.com


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Hi @crashbandicoot!

I would like to suggest you KAD Wholesale app. It is our brand new app which is Free for 1 year for new users.

App will help you create wholesale tags that witch will include products or entire store with required discount and also can have two cart limits (quantity and sum).

Group your customers ander this wholesale tags to make sure that they are the only one who will see these discounts once they are logged in.

Here is the link to the app KAD Wholesale • Custom Pricing

If you have any questions you can contact me via Email support@kad.systems