B2B / DTC Multi pricing App recommendations.

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Hi all,


Hoping the great collection of minds here can help out. We currently have a Shopify store selling DTC, our B2Borders are entered manually then price adjusted.

What we would like to do is the following, I can find loads of apps to do part of what we want but a one-stop-shop.

So we would like to have one copy of a product but set DTC and B2B pricing for that product, but we want to offer the same product at 3 different prices based on customers location. So essentially there would be 6 different prices for the same product depending on whether the customer is whole or retail and their location.

We can implement the use of customer tags to help us distinguish a retail customer from a logged-in wholesale customer. I have found a wholesale app and a multi currency pricing app but not one that can do both.

We really don't want to venture down the road of Shopify Plus hence me reaching out here for some help and recommendations.


Thanks in advance.


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