Batch edit multiple variants?

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Is there an easy way to batch edit all of my variants? I have over 150 products. I essentially would like to delete all of them and then start over if that makes sense.

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Hey, @reile!


My name is Lizzy. I'm one of the Gurus on the support team at Shopify.


To answer your first question, yes you can batch edit your products or variants, depending on what you'd like to adjust. This page here explains how to use various bulk editing options in the admin! You can select products to bulk edit or select variants in bulk within a product page. What sort of changes are you needing to make to your products?


You can also export your products to a CSV and make changes to them in there. Have you worked with CSVs at all in the past?

Would editing your products in bulk be an easier option at this point, or would it save time to delete? If deleting is the best option, you can do so with a bulk action. This recording here shows you how you can do that within the admin!


How did you upload the products you have in your store now? Were they manually uploaded or imported using an app?


Thank you,

Lizzy | Social Care @ Shopify
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I use the Vela (free) app - - to make a lot of bulk text / image changes and noticed today that they offer variant editing tools, these may be new (?) - there's a delete button on variants, as well as an add variant option. I haven't tried yet but looks like this could be helpful. 

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Hi @reile 

Take a look at Mixtable in order to do this. Mixtable is a spreadsheet like Google Sheets, and seamlessly syncs to and from Shopify. You can easily bulk edit your Shopify store's data, including removing or modifying variants in bulk.